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The Daily Milo: Milo Explores Higher Education

Georgia Williams Contributor
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Daily thoughts of a self-described “dangerous faggot.” 

Unbelievable: The University of California, Irvine has suspended their local College Republicans chapter in the wake of Milo Yiannpoulos‘ visit there.

On June 2, Milo spoke on the topic “Social Justice Is Cancer” as part of his continuing “Dangerous Faggot” tour. After a meeting with administrators at the school, the group was informed that they will be suspended for the entirety of the upcoming school year. Apparently, the group is suspended because they failed “to provide a certificate of insurance for the private security hired for the event to protect Milo,” according to Breitbart.

For the next year, the College Republicans will “not be allowed to assemble to hold meetings or host events…and will not be allowed to book rooms for any event or meeting,” commented the president of UC Irvine College Republicans, Ariana Rowlands, when reached by The Mirror.

Rowlands continued, “We were never given a second chance to provide any insurance certification because the importance and urgency of providing such was never relayed to us. What [the administration]  did is they exploited loopholes that would allow them to prevent us from hosting speakers during this critical election period.”

Rowland is resolved to hold a fall rally featuring Milo in the lead-up to election day. She pledged, “Our voices will not be silenced. We will be having that rally whether we are allowed to or not. The school will not deny us of our rights, and we will always keep fighting for not only our rights, but the rights of others.”