Aaron Sorkin: Donald Trump Is A ‘Dangerous Situation’

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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Aaron Sorkin said Donald Trump’s candidacy is an “emergency and terribly dangerous situation.”

During “The Today Show” Wednesday, the creator of “West Wing” was asked what he thought President Josiah Bartlet would think of the 2016 election. (RELATED: ‘Scandal’ President Says Washington Is More Outrageous Than Show)

“I have to tell you, and I suppose it is unfair for me to inject my personal feelings, but this is about the West Wing,” Sorkin said. “It isn’t about me, but maybe this is enough of an emergency to put that behind. I believe we are in a terribly dangerous situation right now.”

“I’m not talking about his racist statements — he doesn’t know anything.”

“And it feels to me like he simply…Mrs. Clinton uses a gentle word when she says he doesn’t have the temperament to be in the White House,” he said. “And even if you don’t agree with Hillary Clinton, at least, you know she is a sober thinking person at least you are okay with her being near the football.”

“Of course Bartlet would endorse Hillary Clinton if he were a real person.”