Kristen Welker Talks All Over Hillary During MSNBC Audio Snafu [VIDEO]

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MSNBC had some audio difficulties during Hillary Clinton’s speech in Raleigh, North Carolina Wednesday when their reporter on the ground, Kristen Welker’s behind the scenes communications were mixed into the live broadcast.

Kristen Welker, Screen Grab MSNBC, 6-22-2016

Kristen Welker, Screen Grab MSNBC, 6-22-2016

While Clinton was speaking about taxes, Welker spoke over the presumptive Democratic nominee, adding her own commentary.

“I’m right next to the camera,” Welker said.

A few seconds later, Welker commented, “Alexis, do you hear me?”

“I can’t hear you. Say it again,” Welker added before MSNBC finally stopped broadcasting her microphone for the world to hear.

MSNBC has a history of audio snafus.  Last March, Welker was involved in another audio mess-up where she was caught tipping off Clinton’s communications director Jen Palmieri to upcoming questions. (RELATED: NBC Reporter Tips Off Hillary Spokeswoman To Interview Questions Before Live Segment [VIDEO])

One of their most memorable ones was when reporter Kerry Sanders thought it would be a sound idea to conduct a live interview from an indoor gun range while multiple people were practicing their marksmanship. (RELATED: MSNBC Reporter Thought He Could Do A Live Shot From An Indoor Gun Range [VIDEO])

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