Levin Endorses Rubio For Senate Re-Election [VIDEO]

Screen Shot LevinTV

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Conservative talk radio host Mark Levin has endorsed Sen. Marco Rubio in his re-election bid for U.S. Senate.

Mark Levin, Screen Shot LevinTV, 4-4-2016

Mark Levin, Screen Shot LevinTV

During LevinTV on Wednesday, Levin said, “I’m going to join Ted Cruz and Mike Lee in endorsing Marco Rubio.” (RELATED: Rubio To Run For Re-Election To Act As a Check On The Presidency [VIDEO])

“I know we have issues with him when it comes to the ‘Gang of Eight,'” Levin acknowledged. The talk radio host has been vocal in his criticism of Rubio for joining with Democrats, Sen. Chuck Schumer in particular.

But “we have to be realistic. Who else there is going to win that seat” in Florida, Levin said.

Noting the possibility of a Hillary Clinton presidency, Levin insisted, “We cannot turn the Senate and not the House too over to the Democrats.”


In a column, Levin wrote, “[S]hould Hillary Clinton win the presidency, we will need as many reliable judicial originalists as possible in the Senate to prevent her from packing the Court with Ruth Bader Ginsburg wannabes. Should Donald Trump win the presidency, we will need these same senators to ensure he makes good on his promise to nominate originalists.”

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