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Tronc… formerly known as Tribune, is offering raises to its non-union employees based on performance throughout the year. Most of the publishing company’s writers are non-union, with the exception of staff at the Baltimore SunWhy You Should Read It: It may affect you someday if it doesn’t already.


More and more journalists… who say critical things about Donald Trump are facing harassment and abuse online. Jared Yates Sexton at The New Republic is one of those journalists, and his piece details the many instances of backlash that he and other writers have received. The vitriol comes from Trump supporters who demand that reporters turn in their resignations. Why You Should Read It: It’s an interesting look at what people will say and do when they find their beliefs questioned, and it prompts thought about who is voting for Trump this fall.

The Trump campaign… has a secret, according to Bloomberg Politics‘ John Heilemann, who has seen The Donald on a hot day after he takes his Make America Great Again hat off. Apparently, his hair bears resemblance to a certain famous fictional character. It concerns Trump’s bird’s nest — you need to read this.

Everyone is talking about… C-SPAN and Periscope. This week during the sit-in staged by House Democrats over gun control, Speaker Paul Ryan ordered the cameras shut off after the House meeting adjourned and the Democrats were there outside of House rules. People inside the Chamber took to the online live-streaming platform Periscope to broadcast the sit-in and the network picked up the feed. Why You Should Read It:The Periscope trend has helped to make the sit-in publicized and indicates a signal change in the way we watch politics.

Chris Cuomo and Joe Scarborough… have been trading blows for a while but this week after Morning Joe‘s fierce interview with Rep. Tom Cole, Cuomo, CNN’s “New Day” host, took another jab and called Scarborough a “politician.” It’s not like he called him a &$%#head or anything, but it was definitely not flattering.

Sopan Deb… pointed out that Trump believes that WaPo is “just a toy for Amazon” on Twitter:

A reporter at Jezebel one of the sites managed by Gawker media, tweeted this week about a revenge website set up by a man who wants to “destroy” his ex-wife. Here’s the GoFundMe set up for the woman in hope that she can get legal help to take down her asshole ex. It’s heartening to see a Gawker-affiliated journo doing something good as opposed to spraying personal information all over the Internet. Go Anna!