Britain Created Belgium, And It Can End Its Domination Too

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John Griffing Contributor
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It is one of the greatest ironies in history that a nation as powerful as the United Kingdom is surrendering its sovereignty to Brussels, Belgium, a province the British monarchy created with a pencil so that cousin Leopold could have a throne. Britain made “Europe” and in a strange twist, now worships its creation.  

How did this happen? Let’s review.  

Europe as a political and economic entity, does not exist and never really did. It is an elaborate fiction conjured up by totalitarian elitists in all 25 member countries to centralize power in only a few hands, and rob citizens of their consent.  Even Jean Monnet, the oft-revered “Father of Europe,” admitted to the intentional deception of the European project:

“Europe’s nations should be guided toward their super-state without their people understanding what is happening. This can be accomplished by successive steps each disguised as having an economic purpose, but which will eventually and irreversibly lead to federation.”

If the man credited with starting this monstrosity admits to its dubious nature – should not British citizens oppose continued involvement?  

To reiterate, “Europe” does not exist. What does exist, is tyranny – plain and simple – arbitrary rule, ferociously protected by arbitrary rulers. The Germans finally got what they wanted in 1933, without firing a shot.

What about the Euro, some might counter, or the fact that anyone in Europe can live and work in other member countries without papers? Aren’t these things proof of a single European identity and evidence of an entity called “Europe”? In short, no.  

When Syrian refugees began raping and pillaging in Germany, and when Paris burned, borders closed and the European Union quickly morphed back into 25 separate countries at breakneck speed. If Europe is real and not a tool of power-hungry elites, how can this be? Borders closed because Britain, France, and Germany never ceased being independent nations with fully independent identities. The same is true of all the other member nations.

Forcing 25 different countries to accept a one-size-fits-all interest rate and a deluge of unscreened Muslim migrants does not eliminate national patriotism, nor does it snuff out the basic instincts of self-government each one of these countries innately possesses. The national orientation of Europe is still very much intact. In fact, when surveyed, most citizens of EU member countries report a low opinion of the EU and a desire to extricate themselves.

But the voters have never been a real factor for the European project, since it arguably depends on a democratic deficit to survive. If the EU had to face the test of the ballot box (as was the case with recent French and Dutch referendums rejecting European federation), it would fail.

Such is the tyranny-by-clerk that is consuming notions of democracy and individual freedom in Europe.

How did Britain become a part of this madness? In short: lies and betrayal. My comprehensive paper on British entry into the European Union entitled, “Sovereignty & Liberty: An American Perspective,” reveals in great detail the massive betrayal perpetrated against Britain by its own government.

The United States cheered and encouraged Britain’s self-inflicted implosion, much like its leaders now bemoan Brexit. By Britain entering the Common Market, now European Union, it would no longer be a world power and America could fill its very large Wellington boots – with nukes and cash.

Now, a once in a lifetime opportunity exists to throw off the shackles, and British leaders are parroting the same lies which were used to argue for British entry in the first place. There is nothing new under the sun, especially when it “never sets.”

The “Remain” campaign continue to advance the notion that Britain “must be part of Europe.” Why “must” it? The catalog of grievous loss which punctuates British membership in the EU is reason to reject this unjustified insist.  

And furthermore, Europe is a much bigger concept than the EU. Britain is no less a “part of Europe” because it no longer wishes to remain a member of a club that requires mediocrity and failure as a condition of membership.

And if the economic instability which persists in the wake of 2008 from the Euro’s virtual implosion, as well as the catastrophic collapse of Greece, is any indicator of European norms, then continued membership is arguably suicidal.

In addition to the farce of being “part of Europe,” those arguing for continued British membership in this gargantuan suicide pact, suggest that because Britain is geographically proximate to the European continent, France and Germany should make its laws. This would be like saying, “Canada should make Mexico’s laws, because they share a continent.” Silly, is it not?

The obvious fallacy would be humorous if the consequences of its widespread acceptance didn’t include the recent repeal of the Magna Carta and the near-prohibition of Cricket – a British national sport. For Yanks – the Magna Carta is analogous to the “Bill of Rights,” and Cricket is Baseball minus the peculiar American habit of expectorating in public.

The European Union is based on this flawed premise: namely, that nationalism is evil and the primary cause of global conflict. The argument falls apart when it is considered that no democratic nation has ever fought against another democratic nation. It was internationalism which caused WWI & WWII, not nationalism (regional alliances in previous – League of Nations in the latter.)  

Nonetheless, the European Union depends upon this flawed logic.

The destruction of nationhood was an aim of Nazism and Communism. The preservation of nationhood is what guarantees liberty.  

Britain should take charge of its destiny once more, and abandon the lie that “Europe” is anything more than what the Anglo-American world has permitted it to be. Britain created Belgium, and it can erase Belgium. End British membership in the EU.