Donald Trump Jr.: ‘I Have A Thousand Rounds Of Ammunition In My Vehicle Almost At All Times’ [VIDEO]

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Speaking to the Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership in Colorado on Thursday, Donald Trump Jr. said that he and his brother Eric will be advising their father Donald Trump on hunting, fishing and preserving Second Amendment rights.


Trump Jr. said, “Of course people on the terrorist watchlist shouldn’t get firearms, but what they don’t talk about is they don’t talk about the million people that are on the terrorist watchlist that have no business being on the terrorist watchlist. What they don’t talk about is the people on the terrorist watchlist who are on the terrorist watchlist because their name sounds similar to someone else somewhere else.”

“What they don’t talk about is that there is no due process for these people to actually then get off of this list to then actually be able to buy firearms.” (RELATED: Rep Lewis Was Once On The No-Fly List He Wants To Use To Restrict Gun Rights)

“You’ve seen this constant attack. And I’ve seen it in my states and I can’t order ammunition you know online and they say, ‘Well, this man was arrested and he had a thousand rounds of ammunition in his vehicle,'” Trump Jr. said.

“Excuse me, I have a thousand rounds of ammunition in my vehicle almost at all times because it’s called two bricks of .22,” Trump Jr. insisted.

“You know, I’ll blow … through that with my kids on a weekend,” Trump Jr. said. “It’s ludicrous but what’s they’ve done is they’ve very effectively vilified people who are good law-abiding citizens, sport shooters and tried to pigeon-hole them into these things. Hunting and fishing is my lifestyle. It’s how I choose to live my life. It’s how my brother and I choose to live. It’s how we’re going to raise our families.”

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