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If You Don’t Like The New Ghostbusters Theme, You Hate Women

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Some people don’t like the trailers for the all-new, literally dickless Ghostbusters. As their male tears fall like rain all over the shards of their shattered patriarchy, here’s something else for them to complain about: a really good song that is fun to listen to.

I’m not afraid… to admit that this is what we deserve as a society. I publicly endorse this version of the Ghostbusters theme, because I don’t want people to call me a sexist.

Now, you will listen to this song again. And again. And again, and again, and again. You will imprint it on your brain, wiping away all memory of the old, misogynist Ghostbusters. Venkman is dead. This is the new reality. This is Utopia. You will submit, or you will pay.

Who ya gonna call? Nobody. No one can help you. Shut up.