James Corden Encourages Voters To Vote Against Brexit [VIDEO]

(Photo: Kevin Winter/Getty Images)

Katie Jerkovich Entertainment Reporter
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James Corden weighed in on the issue of whether Britain should remain part of the European Union and he pleaded with voters to stay.

On Wednesday night, during “The Late, Late Show” the talk show host pleaded with his audience to vote against “Brexit.”

He said it’s better for everyone if voters reject the Brexit proposal that would mean the end to a 43 year relationship with the EU, according to the Hollywood Reporter(RELATED: Will Elizabeth Hurley’s Nude Photo Convince People To Vote For Brexit?)


“It will be better for our economy, better for our industry, and better for our international relations,” Corden said.(RELATED: J.K. Rowling Goes After ‘Fascist’ Donald Trump)

“In today’s world, I think the barriers should be going down, not going up,” he added. “I heard the other day, our show plays in 135 countries, which is amazing. I don’t even think I can name 135 countries.”

“My point is, wherever someone was born, we can share the same jokes and stories and interests,” he continued. “And ultimately, we are all in this together. And the more we embrace that the better our world will be.”

“I hope the people of Britain use their vote, and I hope they go out and vote to remain in the European Union. I truly, truly do.”

Supporters view the move as restoring their identity and critics argue that leaving could be an economic disaster. Voters in Britain head to the polls Thursday.