Limbaugh: Democrats Push Immigration As A ‘Voter Registration Drive’ [AUDIO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Radio host Rush Limbaugh argued that immigration is designed to be a “voter registration drive” so the Democrats can “remain in perpetual power.”

Limbaugh was reacting to the Supreme Court’s deadlocked decision, which means that one of President Barack Obama’s executive amnesty orders has been struck down.

[dcquiz]”Immigration, as promoted by the Democrat Party, really is a voter registration drive, pure and simple. It is a desire by the Democrat Party to find another way to remain in perpetual power by creating as many dependent voters as they can.” (RELATED: SCOTUS Strikes Down Obama Immigration Amnesty)

“And the best way to create and bring dependent voters in is to bring people that don’t have much education and therefore do not have many skills and therefore are not as capable of others as providing for themselves,” Limbaugh insisted. “That’s the gold standard in immigration if you’re a Democrat in 2016, 2002, as long as the current debate has been raging, that’s their objective.”

“There are even some radical leftists who look at it as that but then go further and say, ‘Because we have been so exclusionary and because it’s been so unfair that America has been so rich, it’s so unfair that America has been this one place in the world — it’s not because of us and we deserve to pay a price’ — there are people who want to import the dregs of the world into this country in order to cut this country down to size. Do not doubt me on this. I know it sounds hard to believe. Those people will be found somewhere on the political spectrum and they vote Democrat.”

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