Nancy Pelosi Was At Game 7: ‘You Can’t Help But Be Happy’ For Cleveland [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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At the end of her press conference Thursday, Nancy Pelosi, the California Democrat who represents part of the Bay Area, said that she attended Game 7 of the NBA Finals, when the Golden State Warriors fell to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Nancy Pelosi at Weekly Presser (C-Span Screen Capture)

Nancy Pelosi at Weekly Presser (C-Span Screen Capture)

“I congratulated Cleveland. I know it’s a real boost of morale for them,” Pelosi said. “We had a great season. I’m proud of our team.”


Then, like a true politician and contrary to what a real Warriors fan would say, Pelosi said, “You can’t help but be happy for a city that wins. I mean, I would like it to be our city, but I felt some joy for Cleveland. Although, I’m sad about our not winning because I think we were the better team.”

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