Napolitano: Hillary’s IT Specialist Is Her ‘Beast In The Night’ [VIDEO]

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Judge Andrew Napolitano says that Bryan Pagliano, Hillary Clinton’s IT Specialist who set up her private email server is her “beast in the night” on behalf of the FBI.

Andrew Napolitano, Hillary Clinton, Bryan Pagliano, Screen shot FBN 3-7-2016

Andrew Napolitano, Hillary Clinton, Bryan Pagliano, Screen shot FBN

Appearing on Fox News’s’ “Fox & Friends” on Thursday, the network’s senior judicial analyst said that Clinton is “in more hot water than you can imagine” after the National Security Agency has begun to “leak” information because they are “unhappy with the slow pace at which the FBI is moving.”

Acknowledging that Pagliano invoked the Fifth Amendment, taking advantage of his right against self-incrimination in a deposition before Judicial Watch, Napolitano said, “Her IT person, Bryan Pagliano, is her beast in the night.” (RELATED: Does Bryan Pagliano Pleading The Fifth Mean Hillary Is More Likely To Be Deposed In Judicial Watch Case?)

WATCH (Begins at 2:55):

Pagliano “is the FBI’s lead witness against her…  he has been briefing the FBI on her e-mail excesses, her profound ability to expose national secrets since October. When this goes to the grand jury he is the FBI’s lead witness.”

“In return for all of that, he got an order of immunity. But it’s only immunity for what he tells the FBI,” Napolitano said. “If he says something in this deposition in a Freedom of Information Act case which is not the case against her, it’s a civil lawsuit–a separate case–he could be in trouble for what he says there.”

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