Obama Admits Comprehensive Immigration Reform ‘Obviously’ Won’t Occur While I’m In Office [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Barack Obama admitted that while he is in office, comprehensive immigration reform will not occur and he blamed Republicans in Congress for that.

Speaking from the White House press briefing room on Thursday, Obama said, “Most Americans including business leaders and law enforcement, Democrats and Republicans and independents still agree that the single best way to solve this problem is by working together to pass commonsense bipartisan immigration reform.” (RELATED: SCOTUS Strikes Down Obama Immigration Amnesty)

“That’s obviously not going to happen during the remainder of this Congress,” Obama said. “We don’t have a Congress that agrees with us on this. Nor do we have a Congress that’s going to do most the basic of jobs under the Constitution which is to consider nominations.”

“Republicans in Congress currently are willfully preventing the Supreme Court from being fully staffed and functioning as our founders intended and today’s situation underscores the degree of which the Court is not able to function the way it is supposed to.”

On Thursday, the Supreme Court affirmed an injunction on Obama’s executive order calling for deferred-action that granted work permits and legal status to millions of illegals in America.

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