Trump: Clinton Is ‘Consulting With Wall Street’ For Her Immigration Plan

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Donald Trump accused Hillary Clinton of “consulting with Wall Street” for her stance on immigration. He claims that he, on the other hand, is “consulting with our immigration officers” and “our wage-earners.”

“On immigration, I’m consulting with our immigration officers & our wage-earners. Hillary Clinton is consulting with Wall Street,” Trump tweeted Thursday.

Trump also went after Clinton’s connections with special interests, tweeting, “Clinton should stop meeting with special interests, & start meeting with the victims of illegal immigration.” (VIDEO: Hillary Defends Clinton Foundation, Which Totally Isn’t A Slush Fund, You Guys)

In a statement released by Trump on Thursday, the campaign argued, “Clinton’s radical immigration plans go even further than President Obama on open borders. At a time of record immigration, she wants to leave Americans vulnerable to Sanctuary Cities, while bringing in millions of new low-wage workers to compete against working Americans, including millions of Hispanics and African Americans, for jobs.” (VIDEO: Trump Goes After Hillary’s ‘I’m With Her’’Slogan: ‘I’m With You, The American People’)

Last March, Trump was endorsed by the National Border Patrol Council for embracing “the ideas of rank-and-file Border Patrol agents rather than listening to the management yes-men who say whatever they are programmed to say.” (RELATED: Trump Secures Endorsement From The People Who Secure The Nation)

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