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Black Activist Wants John Lewis Sit-In To Protest Urban Crime [VIDEO]

Evan Gahr Investigative Journalist

Maybe if fancypants Luke Russert sometime soon interviews John Lewis without the congressman needing to smoke a cigarette afterwards he could raise the provocative challenge just issued by New Orleans community activist Nadra “Captain Black” Enzi.

He says Lewis should hold a House floor sit-in to support law abiding inner-city residents’ right to armed self-defense against the criminals terrorizing their community.

“It would be nice to have that end of the conversion,” Enzi told the Washington Gadfly, noting that “anybody who wants to talk about firearm ownership” gets typecast as a “white xenophobic Islamaphobe dot dot dot. [Blacks] make up a disproportionate number of persons victimized. We can’t run to the homeowners association to complain.”

Enzi said blacks need to fear criminals of the same race not supposedly white racist cops. “I call it the chocolate Klan. They are hunting you the way the white Klan did in the past.”

He also noted the little-known fact, detailed in a movement veteran’s book, This Non Violent Stuf’ll Get You Killed, that local black residents helped protect visiting civil rights workers in the Deep South.

“That is always the irony” about the liberal push for gun control. “But for the weapons of armed volunteers and federalized weapons the non-violent movement would not succeed.”

Captain Black, a member of the black conservatives group Project 21, expressed similar sentiments in his YouTube video posted Thursday.

Russert should watch it some time.