Democratic Congresswoman Criticized For Including Terrorist Name In List Of Victims

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Kerry Picket Political Reporter
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Law enforcement criticized Democratic Rep. Joyce Beatty for including the name of a terrorist in a list of victims from a Franklin, Ohio attack that ended in an officer shootout which took the life of both the officer and the terrorist, according to Ohio’s ABC 6.

Beatty participated this week in the Democrat sit-in, triggered by the party’s demand for gun control legislation. During her time to speak, she read the name of every gun death in Franklin County in 2016 so far. The list included the names of Henry Green and Mohammed Barry.

Barry is the man who attacked patrons and employees with a machete at the Nazareth Restaurant. Police shot and killed him after a car chase.  The FBI launched a terror investigation into Barry thereafter. The Fraternal Order of Police became upset after hearing Beatty say Barry’s and Green’s name, ABC 6 reported.

An undercover police officer shot and killed Green a couple of weeks ago, when police say Green pulled out a gun and refused to drop his weapon.

“That’s disturbing. The fact of the matter is that some of the people on that list are homicidal terrorists…who attacked people without warning or regard for human life,” FOP President Jason Pappas said. “They are a threat to society. They should not be considered victims in any way, shape, or form.”

Beatty later released a statement to ABC 6 apologizing for saying the names on the House floor, saying in part, “We apologize for using raw data that included names which should have been removed.”

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