Hannity: The British ‘Showed Obama Their Middle Finger’ With Brexit [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter

Analyzing the news that Britain has voted to leave the European Union despite the protest of Barack Obama, Sean Hannity said that the British “showed Obama their middle finger.”

On his radio show Friday, Hannity said, “The British people want Britain to remain Britain again and now it will be.” (RELATED: BREXIT: UK Votes To Leave European Union In Shock Result)

“Now the decision here, I will tell you it is a stunning rebuke and defeat for Obama and Hillary Clinton. They both wanted Britain to stay in the EU but they threatened the British people with what would happen if they left which is only fear mongering by the left.”

“But anyway and this whole statement of Obama, they’re going to the back of the queue, I mean the back of the line from the perspective of the US. Now the British people in their very polite way yesterday showed Obama their middle finger.” (RELATED: Opportunist: Hillary Uses Brexit As Opportunity To Take Shot At Trump)

In April, while in the UK, Obama said that the UK will go to “the back of the queue” for trade deals with the United States if they left the EU. (RELATED: Read Obama’s Four Sentence Response To Brexit)

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