Lagniappe: Brexit Buyer’s Remorse

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Campbell North Contributor
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1.  “Why the Brexit vote is all-around bad

2.  Brexit sends Europe into an existential crisis as other member countries strongly consider secession

3.  Eccentric Boris Johnson “has gone from a figure of fun to a serious contender to replace David Cameron as leader of the UK”

4.  “Trump on Brexit: America is next

5.  Obama designates the Stone Wall Inn as the first national LGBT rights monument

6.  “Uprising in the Rust Belt: ‘They used to be Democrats. Now they could hand Trump the White House'”

7.  Stephanie Akin for Roll Call: “Sanders will vote for Clinton” 

8.  Expanding the Panama Canal is a risky bet 

9.  West Virginia is in a state of emergency as historic flood kills 14

10. Study suggests that mammals, birds and reptiles share one common ancestor

11. Prototype that sifts plastic out of the ocean launches today in the North Sea

12. Matt Lewis interviewed Tucker Carlson today about Brexit, Trump, homemade shooting ranges, and more!