Sen. Warren Accidentally Uses Trump Voter In Anti-Trump Video

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Liberal organizing group published a video earlier this week that featured Senator Elizabeth Warren attacking Republican Nominee Donald Trump on his tax record, and accidentally uses footage of a Trump supporter.

All I ask, Senator Warren and MoveOn, is that the next time you want to appropriate the images of my daughter, my wife and myself, especially considering that I did vote for the very candidate you so gleefully trash in the video, you come and ask me first,” Politico’s Michael Levin opines in an op-ed.

The video’s main premise is Trump’s lack of transparency with his tax filings. Warren argues that in the only tax records that are available, Trump did not pay a dime on income for those years.

Trump has yet to release his tax returns, and told reporters that the issue is “none of (their) business” when prompted.

Warren starts a new argument, stating that without the American people paying “their fair share,” Trump’s fortune and empire would not have been possible. Warren listed roads, bridges, and healthcare as things that Trump could not have gone without.

Warren then gets to the final line, saying, “families and small business owners pay their fair share to support courageous first responders. The video features the last line as a voiceover, and shows a multicultural family. A little girl puts on a helmet with the help of her father, then the video cuts to a white male and asian female watching their daughter bike down their suburban street.

There’s only one problem, that guy, his wife, and their daughter are all Trump supporters. In fact, stole the entire video from Al-Jazeera of all places.

Al-Jazeera did a special on “The American Dream” a few years ago, and asked Levin and his family to be in the film, to show viewers what an American family looked like, and how they lived.

In their urge to get out a video, their first of the 2016 general election, took the video of a multicultural family and used it in their Anti-Trump video.

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