Swing State Voters Show Little Love To Obama’s Public School Bathroom Directive

Amber Randall | Civil Rights Reporter

A poll released Thursday by Quinnipiac University shows Americans in swing states are divided over the transgender bathroom battle — but the majority agrees the Obama administration shouldn’t force the policy on public schools.

Quinnipiac University polled voters from three swing states: Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Florida. The poll asked if transgenders should be allowed to choose what bathroom they use, and if the Obama administration should force public schools to follow its directive on transgender students using the bathroom that corresponds with their “gender identity.”

The majority of Ohio residents polled voted against transgenders choosing the bathroom that they want to use. Forty-eight percent voted against transgenders picking their own bathroom, while 43 percent said that transgenders should use whatever bathroom they want. While 55 percent of Ohioans polled did not agree with a law forcing public schools to let transgender students pick the bathroom of their choice, while 36 percent did.

Women in Ohio voted 47 to 45 percent in favor of transgenders using the bathroom that corresponds to their “gender identity.”

“The issue of transgender people and the use of public bathrooms finds voters split on exactly what should be done,” said Peter Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll.

Florida voters polled 48 to 44 percent in favor of letting transgenders choose their bathroom, with eight percent not responding. But Floridians voted 54 to 37 percent against forcing public schools to adhere to Obama’s transgender bathroom policy.

“Voters in Florida, Ohio and Pennsylvania oppose the federal government order to public schools that they must let transgender students use the bathroom of the gender with which they identify. But they are split roughly evenly on whether these students should be able to use whatever bathroom they choose,” Brown said.

Pennsylvania voted 49 to 43 percent in favor of transgenders using their preferred bathroom. They voted against forcing public schools to let transgender students use the bathroom that they want at 53 to 39 percent.

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