Geneva Company Hopes To Open A ‘Fellatio Café’ By The End Of The Year

Derek Hunter Contributor
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Prostitution is legal in Switzerland, and so is coffee. Soon the two will be combined in a “Fellatio Café,” where men can order their cup of joe and a woman to service them while they drink it.

For 60 Swiss Frans, or about $62, men can order their beverage, then use “an iPad to select a prostitute they want to perform oral sex on them,” reports say.

Bradley Charvet of Facegirl, the Geneva-based company planning the café, said, “In five or ten minutes, it’s all over.”

Sex workers are required to obtain licenses in Switzerland, and establishments where two or more prostitutes operate are required to “register as massage parlors.” Swiss authorities are considering the proposal but, according to reports, the idea appears to “be perfectly within the bounds of the law.”

Such “cafés” already exist in Thailand.