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These Days, You DEFINITELY Want To Protect Your Valuables

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Jack Kocsis Director of Commerce

All throughout the country, security-minded Americans use safes to protect their valuables. Surely, the number has even gone up in recent years as riots and lootings have provided a glimpse at the violent disrespect for property that lives in the nation’s underbelly.

A secure safe or vault is truly a good investment in this day and age. They can be expensive, but totally worth it. (After all, they can save you thousands). They are even more worth it when they are on sale.

Barska is known for its riflescopes and biometric safes. And today their safes are on sale. Barska has been a quality company for over two decades:

Since 1994, Barska has been bringing value, quality, and new technology to the hunting, military, law enforcement and hobbyist communities through a wide array of product offerings including optics and safes. More recently, Barska has extended its product reach to tactical equipment and metal detectors, through its Loaded Gear and Winbest lines, respectively. Barska continues to offer the best value in the marketplace, serving beginners as well as seasoned veterans. As customer needs change, Barska continues to bring you new technology in order to meet those changing demands. Barska is your one-stop-shop for all of your tactical and hunting needs, whether you are a beginner or a pro.

Here are the three safes available for discounted prices:

Keypad Safe33 percent off

The Top Open Keypad Safe normally costs $83 (Photo via Amazon)

The Top Open Keypad Safe normally costs $83 (Photo via Amazon)

This keypad safe has a 5 out of 5 star rating on Amazon. Customers agree with the product description: “The compact dimensions of this safe allows it to be concealed in out-of-the-way places while providing enough storage space within to house multiple items. The user-friendly digital keypad retains 1 pin code for accessing the safe, and can also be opened with the included back-up keys. Two solid steel locking bolts provide extra security against tampering, and 4 mounting holes allow the safe to be secured to a flat surface.”

BARSKA AX12622 Top Open Keypad Safe on sale for $54.99

Biometric Safe20 percent off

You will save $50 if you invest in this normally-$244 biometric safe today (Photo via Amazon)

You will save $50 if you invest in this normally-$244 biometric safe today (Photo via Amazon)

Barska’s biometric safes are legendary. And the larger dimensions of this particular model make “it the ideal choice for storage of valuables and sensitive materials such as electronics, important documents, jewelry, small firearms, and more. The large Barska biometric safe (model AX11650) can store identities for up to 120 different users. The easy-to-use system allows you to register fingerprints in seconds.”

BARSKA Large Biometric Safe on sale $194.99

Key Lock Safe (With Mounting Sleeve) — 22 percent off

Like the keypad safe, this Barska safe also has a 5-star customer rating (Photo via Amazon)

Like the keypad safe, this Barska safe also has a 5-star customer rating (Photo via Amazon)

At 7.91-inch by 6.24-inch by 2.73-inch, this key lock safe is “ideal size for storing and protecting personal belongings and valuables safely in a vehicle, boat, home, RV, office or even when traveling. It is small and lightweight enough to fit in a duffle bag, backpack or suitcase. The steel mounting sleeve has six pre-drilled holes and mounting hardware (included) for easy installation. Once the sleeve is mounted the it will hold the lock box in place. Only the key will release the box from the sleeve. The lock box can be mounted almost anywhere. When you want to move the safe, unlock the safe from the sleeve and take it with you.”

BARSKA Compact Key Lock Safe with Mounting Sleece on sale for $20.99

Odds are, you want to ensure the protection of your valuables, but you don’t want to have to sell them to afford a good safe. This sale solves that problem. You’ll want to hurry though, as this popular sale only lasts until Amazon runs out.

WATCH The Large Biometric Safe:

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