Deadspin Writer Lampoons Adam Schefter For Refusing To Bring Politics Into Sports

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David Hookstead Sports And Entertainment Editor
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Deadspin writer Barry Petchesky isn’t very happy with ESPN reporter Adam Schefter’s refusal to use his platform to push a political agenda.

Petchesky wrote an entire column titled, “I Can’t Believe Adam Schefter Is Really This Naive,” in response to Shefter making his opinion on combining sports and politics very clear. (RELATED: Deadspin Writer Calls One Of The Best Coaches In College Football An A**hole)

“No. Politics is not a normal day-to-day topic of discussion and reporting. It does not impact how we go about our jobs. Sports figures who publicize their political viewpoints only serve to divide the audience. People are drawn to sports as an escape from politics,” the football expert told Sports Illustrated when asked if politics belonged in sports. (SLIDESHOW: This Gorgeous Olympian Loves To Show Off Lots Of Skin)

That didn’t sit well with Petschesky who lamented Schefter’s viewpoint.

He wrote in part:

Again, the truly baffling part here is that Schefter (and so many like him) don’t see anything political about this stuff. The only way to cover sports without introducing politics is to cover it dishonestly.

“Stick to sports” is a heavily political stance on its own, a reactionary one. It’s a desire to maintain the status quo—and I will leave it to others to ponder why, of Deitsch’s seven interviewees, Jemele Hill and Bomani Jones were the only two strongly in favor of embracing important issues when they arise.

What’s truly baffling is why Petschesky doesn’t seem to understand that Schefter is paid an insane amount of money by ESPN to report on football-related issues. He’s not being paid to report on politics.

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