Donald Trump Should Thank The Voters Of Britain

REUTERS/Toby Melville

Mike Siegel Host, The Mike Siegel Show
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I remember taking a tour of Italy in 2003 and visiting a winery in the Chianti area of Tuscany. It was frankly astonishing to hear the owner talk about the European Union having specific limitations on the kinds of grapes he could grow and the quantity of grapes he could grow. I found this incredible. How could a democracy like Italy place those microscopic restraints on a winery, when the EU was an unelected group of bureaucrats with no accountability to this vineyard owner?

Since then the EU has gotten worse. Europe became basically borderless. Eastern Europeans crossed into Great Britain, worked as cheap labor, and undermined the British middle class. Sound familiar?

The British citizenry has basically told the elites to stuff it. They have had it with top down dictates about how you must live your life. And, in fact, the EU was ready to set standards that would have required British citizens to discontinue the use of some small appliances due to the energy they have been using. Can you imagine the “toaster” police coming to your home?

This is only the beginning. The Netherlands, France and Denmark are all target countries for votes to separate from the EU. Germany, the economic power of the 28 (now 27) nation group is scrambling through Chancellor Merkel to save this dinosaur. Also vulnerable because their economies have tanked during their time in the EU are Italy, Spain, Greece and Portugal. They may fight to stay only because they get security funding from the European Bank and IMF as members of the EU.

This brings us to the United States. Our trade agreements are the same template as the EU. This is not, I repeat NOT free trade. How is it free trade to have hundreds of pages of regulations in a trade agreement to be enforced by an unelected board about which we know nothing?

Free trade would be this one sentence agreement between and among all nations:

“Every nation is free to trade with whatever other nation they choose to trade on whatever terms both nations agree, without interference from an unelected Board of Governors.”

That is free trade.

Donald Trump benefits hugely from this British vote because the same illegal immigration issue, trade issues, jobs, and sovereignty of each nation are factors that the grass roots voters throughout the Western World have learned have been absconded with by elite policies.

This vote creates an even greater consciousness in the American voter that we do ultimately have power as the sovereigns who do own this nation and “loan” the power to elected officials.

The global economy has always been an attempt by those promulgating this umbrella control over nations for the purpose of protecting multi-national corporations and their ability to disregard sovereignty of nations to do their business.

What have our trade agreements done? NAFTA took 800,000 jobs from America since 1992. When the Massachusetts legislature passed a law to prohibit trade with Myanmar due to its human rights violations, they were told in astonishment that the Commonwealth had no right to pass that law because it violated the World Trade Organization agreement with the United States as a signatory. So much for Congress controlling international trade through the Commerce Clause as it abdicated its responsibility for our trade policy to the WTO.

The other trade agreements are flawed in the same way, and the Korea agreement has only helped them and not us.

With the American people seeing our economy being taken from us and our middle class evaporating, Hillary Clinton has more than James Comey to worry about. His name is Donald Trump.