Lagniappe: Brexit Aftermath And SCOTUS Stirrings

Campbell North Contributor
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1.  Despite promises of a special relationship, “America will dump Britain for the EU if it has to” in Brexit aftermath

2.  Why fear triumphs evidence in the context of Trump and Brexit

3.  U.K. hate crimes surge in the wake of Brexit vote

4.  Dick Morris explains what Trump needs to do in order to win

5.  Eric Owens: “Before Brexit, Donald Trump was a transnationalist who wanted ‘to leave borders behind'”

6.  Still feeling the Bern? Sanders supporters slowly warm up to Clinton

7.  “Can Democrats ever win the gun debate?”

8.  The Clinton—Warren tag team trashes Trump

9.  Former senator suggests Warren take a DNA test to prove Native American heritage

10. “White-washing working class woes: Donald Trump and his followers make endless excuses for struggling white Americans; 40 years ago blacks got no such sympathy”

11. Supreme Court strikes down Texas regulation on abortion, redefining the scope of Roe v. Wade

12. “Bob McDonnell, and the perils of being famous but not rich”

13. The middle class might be moving up

14. Caroline Alexander for National Geographic: “How the Greeks changed the idea of the afterlife

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