MN Gas Station Offers Discount To Cops & Concealed Carriers, Business Thrives

Jim Treacher | Blogger

At a time when our elected representatives hold “sit-ins” on the floor of the House because they want to take away your Constitutional rights, it’s great to see some real-world proof of how wrong their whole worldview is.

WCCO, Minneapolis:

After two robberies in less than three months, a Sauk Rapids gas station owner decided to try something different. His unique offer gained so much attention that business is now up…

The new, nondescript sign hanging on a Sauk Rapids Shell gas station is changing business for owner Frank Schwagel.

“If you come in and provide evidence that you are law enforcement, security or have a permit to carry a firearm — if you show it to my employees you’ll get a 10 cent per gallon discount on any gas you’ll buy,” he said.

How weird. Instead of blaming guns for magically jumping up and sticking themselves in his face, this guy understands that good people with guns can deter bad people with guns.

If our friends on the left were right about the way the world works, this gas station would now be a war zone. All those scary guns! More guns = more crime, right?

And yet this guy hasn’t been robbed since he made this offer, and business has gone up. People aren’t afraid to go there. Just the opposite. Customers feel safer, because they are safer.

When people abuse their rights, the answer isn’t to take those rights away from everybody else. The answer is to allow free people to exercise their rights, cognizant of the responsibilities that go along with it.

God bless America.

(Hat tip: Twitchy)

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