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Next Monday, we celebrate Independence Day, the seminal moment without which none of our country’s history would have been possible. Americans have done a lot for humanity since its creation, inventing such marvels as the telephone and the internet (thanks, Al Gore!).

Some of the technological advancements of the 21st century seem less groundbreaking, no matter how awesome the smartphone and the driverless car may be. Yet, there are some revolutionary ones out there. Perhaps the most underrated of the recent developments is the Nest Learning Thermostat. And to commemorate the pure ingenuity of this device, it is $50 off through the Fourth of July.

The first iteration of this “smart” thermostat came out in 2011, and it completely changed home living. Gone are the days of myriad inscrutable buttons and settings. Here are the days of clear and simple temperature control. Not only can you change the temperature remotely from your phone, but as CNET puts it, the “heating and cooling control system relies on built-in sensors to track your whereabouts along with algorithmic smarts to create a custom, auto-adjusting temperature schedule based on those movements in the home.”

Changing the temperature from your phone is a huge game changer (Photo via Amazon)

Changing the temperature from your phone is a huge game changer (Photo via Amazon)

The Nest 3.0, the model on sale, has improved significantly on the older versions. First of all, its design is much sleeker. It no longer sticks out of your wall like a sore thumb, and the resolution allows for a much easier read of the current temperature. The third generation also employs a new technology called “Farsight,” which provides you with the desired information when you are more than just three feet away. Possibly most significantly, the Nest Learning Thermostat can now be integrated with your Amazon Alexa devices, like the Echo or the Tap.

The CNET review of the Nest 3.0 (which you can watch below) is glowing, with the tech site’s only qualm being that it is not $199. While that seemingly random number comes off as a rather ridiculous criterion on its face, it may have been prescient. Through the Fourth of July, the Nest Learning Thermostat, 3rd Generation actually is only $199. In lowering the price (typically $249) for the holiday, the company nullifies any excuse not to take advantage of one of the greatest American inventions of recent times.

Happy Independence Day to us all!

Nest Learning Thermostat, 3rd Generation on sale for $199

WATCH CNET’s Review Of The Nest 3.0:

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