Hillary: I Know ‘A Little Bit About Commodities And Their Trading’ [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Hillary Clinton, a highly successful cattle futures trader, claims that she knows “just a little bit about commodities and their trading.”

During a campaign event in Denver, Colorado on Tuesday, Clinton said, “I know just a little bit about commodities and their trading, their buying, their selling both futures and the actual commodities themselves.”

In the late 1970s, Clinton invested $1,000 into cattle futures. She eventually sold her investment for $100,000 months before the prices of cattle plummeted. When the prices of cattle futures dropped, traders lost millions of dollars.

According to USA Today, the firm Clinton used to make the cattle futures was accused of manipulating cattle futures prices during the same time Clinton bought and then sold cattle futures.

Then in 1996, The Wall Street Journal wrote, “The White House said Mrs. Clinton did the trades herself and got out of this ‘nerve-wracking’ game when she was pregnant. … [I]n days the White House revealed that most of the trades were placed by Clinton friend and Tyson Foods lawyer James Blair.”

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