SCIENCE: Women Who Show Cleavage Score WAY MORE Job Interviews


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A Paris-based researcher has found that women who send cleavage-revealing photos along with their applications have dramatically better odds of receive a callback.

The researcher who made this important discovery is Sevag Kertechian of Paris-Sorbonne University, according to the Daily Mail.

Kertechian collected his trailblazing data over three meticulous years. He created two essentially identical résumés for two women. He then had the women apply for 200 sales and accounting jobs — 100 each.

For half of his essentially identical applicants, Kertechian sent photos of women dressed conservatively.

For the other half, he sent photos of women in more revealing attire.

Overall, the women who bore plenty of cleavage received fully 62 more offers for job interviews than the women dressed more conservatively.

[dcquiz] “Our results showed interesting trends as low-cut dresses significantly influenced the choice of the recruiters, even for accounting positions,” Kertechian said, according to the Mail.

“The results were quite shocking and negative but not necessarily surprising,” the researcher also said.

Kertechian will present his research this week at a conference in London called Appearance Matters.

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