43% Of People With Student Loans Would Have Sex With Caitlyn Jenner To Get Rid Of Them

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People really, really hate student loans. How much do they hate them? So much that many of them are willing to move to North Korea, get the Zika virus, and have sex with Caitlyn Jenner just to avoid paying them.

The typical American college graduate is now leaving school with over $35,000 in debt, and many people even finish with six-figure debt loads. This debt burden early in their careers is causing graduates to delay marriage, buying a home, and other major life events.

According to an online survey of 500 student debtors conducted by, many borrowers would be willing to engage in some stunningly desperate behavior if it meant making their student loans disappear. Of those surveyed, 26.8 percent said they’d be willing to contract the Zika virus to get rid of their loans. 42.6 percent would be willing to hook up with Caitlyn Jenner, and 7.8 percent even said they’d be willing to move to North Korea for a decade.

Here’s some of the other situations debtors were willing to consider:

  • 85 percent would give up smoking marijuana forever
  • 84 percent would stop watching Game of Thrones forever
  • 77 percent would give up Snapchat forever
  • 76 percent would stop eating lunch meat, and 61 percent would give up cheese for life
  • 62 percent would star in a short pornographic film
  • 58 percent would vote for Donald Trump
  • 58 percent would wear Crocs every day for 10 years
  • 58 percent would have a one-hour conversation with a Comcast representative every day for 5 years (for $35,000 in debt, this is worth about $19 an hour)
  • 50 percent would jump into a gorilla cage
  • 43 percent would have a hookup with Caitlyn Jenner
  • 43 percent would stop using toilet paper for 5 years
  • 31 percent would abstain from sex for ten years

Despite all of these extreme solutions, only 9 percent of debtors would give up their degree in return for eliminating their loans.

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