Lagniappe: Terror In Turkey And Trade Talks

Campbell North Contributor
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1.  “Turkey was once a model for Middle East democracies. That was before ISIS

2.  In making a play for Bernie supporters, Trump alienates big business

3.  “Bernie’s supporters see a rebuke in Clinton’s ‘safe’ VP pick” Tim Kaine

4.  In the face of two unqualified candidates, “the wisdom of Mencken and Nock seems fresh today”

5.  “NAFTA’s glory days may be over”

6.  U.S. AG Loretta Lynch met privately with Bill Clinton hours before Benghazi report was publicly released

7.  Clinton hits $26 million in battleground ad spending, Trump still at $0

8.  Trump’s religious conversion and the ‘baby Christian’ excuse

9.  Ed Morrissey for Hot Air: “New Q-poll: Trump’s June swoon matched by Hillary?”

10. David Frum for Slate“Will Trumpism outlive Trump?”

11. The biology behind bullying

12. After SCOTUS vote, pro-choice protestors waste no time in continuing advocacy efforts

13. Why were police called to a third-grade party?

14. Facebook readjusts news-feed algorithm to show less news stories and more personal posts

15. Novelist Douglas Kennedy chats with Matt about personal demons, love, Hemingway and Brexit