WATCH: Conservative Pundit Takes Left-Winger To School On Systemic Racism, Sexism [VIDEO]

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Christian Datoc Audience Development Manager

Conservative pundit Ben Shapiro and left-wing talking head Sally Kohn agreed to debate each other at Politicon 2016 over the weekend, which turned out to be a bad idea for one of them.


Both Shapiro and Kohn offered strong points throughout the beginning of the debate, but the wheels totally fell off Kohn’s wagon when she steered the conversation toward the topic of “systemic racism.”

“The left believes ‘stop and frisk’ is racist. The left believes that the vast majority of the people who are stopped and frisked are black and Hispanic,” Shapiro explained. “That’s because the vast majority of people in New York City who actually commit gun crimes in New York City are black and Hispanic.”

“From January to June 2008, 95 percent of all gun assailants in the city of New York were black and Hispanic,” he continued. “The biggest problems for blacks and Hispanics living in the inner city is that aren’t enough police officers there to actually take care of them and police the crime to make their cities safe for investment and education.”

“Today, in law, there are more advantages given to black people than white people. Sally, I don’t know how you can’t believe that, considering that the Supreme Court just determined that discrimination against white people in favor of black people is okay.”

Shapiro also turned the tables on Kohn when she asked him if America was sexist.

“When it comes to jail, which you just cited, the vast, vast, vast, well over 90 percent of the people in jail are men,” he posed. “Is that because the system is sexist against men? Are you arguing that the jailing system is now sexist against men because there are more men than women in prison? That’s really your argument?”

You can watch the entire debate below.


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