Gowdy Trashes New York Times And Washington Post For ‘Wrong’ Benghazi Reporting

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Chair of the House Benghazi Committee Rep. Trey Gowdy blasted the New York Times and the Washington Post for their reporting on the Benghazi terrorist attack, arguing that “it would be tough for them to have the humility to concede they were wrong.”

Appearing on Fox News’s “America’s Newsroom” on Thursday with Martha McCallum, Gowdy responded to the Washington Post editorial entitled “The dangerous delusion that the Americans in Benghazi could have been saved.” (RELATED: Trey Gowdy’s Benghazi Committee Releases Full Report On Attacks)

McCallum asked, “Do you believe, after the work that you did on this that they could have been saved?” (RELATED: Mother Of Benghazi Victim Slams Hillary: ‘All She Has Done Is Lied’ [VIDEO])

Gowdy replied, “Well, I hope the Washington Post has read the report enough to know that the four men died at different times. Two of them died early on and two of them died almost eight hours later. So the notion that the world’s greatest military can not get to a place in seven hours is surprising, to a lot of us. There were three assets that did make it: two unarmed drones and a group from Tripoli.” (RELATED: Gowdy: Read Benghazi Report. It Will Take Less Time Than Attack [VIDEO])

“So, you’ve never heard me say that Glen and Ty could have been saved but what you have heard me say is this: nothing was ever headed to Benghazi, despite the fact we had a missing ambassador and Sean Smith was dead.”


“So you know The Washington Post and New York Times have had their minds made up for two years,” Gowdy said. “And despite the reality that there is new information in this report, it would be tough for them to have the humility to concede they were wrong in believing that all of the questions had been answered because they had not been.”

Later in his interview, Gowdy said, “I’m really disappointed in some of the liberal media outlets for not having at least the decency to concede that they missed some really important things over the last two years.”

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