Limbaugh: When Trump Wins, The Left Will Be Violent At Levels Not Previosly Seen

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Steve Guest Media Reporter
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Rush Limbaugh says that when Donald Trump defeats Hillary Clinton, the Left will be so angry “we’re gonna see levels of violence that we have not seen” as a result.

During Thursday’s “The Rush Limbaugh Show,” Limbaugh argued when Trump wins the election, “I want you to think, using your intelligence guided by experience, what’s gonna happen that night?  What’s gonna happen the next day?  What’s going to happen every day thereafter?  What’s gonna happen the day Trump gets inaugurated?  What is the left gonna do?”

According to Limbaugh, the Left is “not gonna just sit idly by and accept this… They’re gonna do everything they can to undermine it.  And I think we’re gonna see levels of violence that we have not seen.”

“I think people are gonna be shocked at the degree to which the left intends to intimidate people into reversing that result. I think they’re gonna do everything they can to see it that Trump never does get inaugurated,” Limbaugh said. “Whatever, it’s gonna be unlike anything.”

Later, citing the violence displayed by the left in Ferguson and Baltimore, Limbaugh said, “You add to this the Democrats losing the presidency in November, and my sense is that there isn’t gonna be any peace. There’s gonna be anger. There is going to be rage. There are gonna be lawsuits. Everything about the victory is gonna be attacked. The Democrats will throw lawyers and who knows whatever else at that outcome demanding recounts here, recounts there, whatever, no matter how close it is.”

Limbaugh then said that “whatever” the Left does, “there will not be any condemnation. The media will tell us we must understand the rage. The media will tell us that we must dig deep and understand why this is happening. The media will talk about these people have a legitimate grievance.”

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