5 4th Of July Essentials The Green Fun Police Want To Ban

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Green media have a long history of writing articles demanding that Fourth Of July fun be shut down, so The Daily Caller News Foundation decided to celebrate by looking at the top four essentials green groups want banned.

1. Fireworks

Watching the fireworks on the Fourth of July is an American tradition, with essentially every major city in the country having its own display. However, this cherished tradition could be ending soon, as environmentalists absolutely despise fireworks. The green media outlet Mother Nature News Network even asked its readers Thursday, “Who needs fireworks when you have the stars?”

Green groups have a long history of attacking fireworks. They claim fireworks cause air and water pollution, lead to carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and contain toxic chemicals.

“Do you consider yourself environmentally conscious and responsible?,” the environmentalist website Backcountry Attitude states in an article entitled “Fireworks – Cheap Thrills with Toxic Consequences.” “You might not know that all those colorful explosives used to celebrate special occasions…. (your firecrackers, skyrockets, Roman candles and yes even those so-called “harmless” sparklers)… pose a serious environmental and health danger from heavy metals and other toxic firework fallout…Is a few minutes of pyrotechnic entertainment really worth needlessly polluting the environment?”

Greens say that fireworks are so environmentally hazardous that we should ban them completely, and go fishing or camping instead.

2. Hamburgers And Meat

Firing up the grill for a Fourth Of July barbecue is an American classic greens want to cut short. They drastically want to reduce the amount of meat eaten by Americans because of global warming.

“Hungry for grilled fare this July fourth but ready to declare your independence from the same old burgers and dogs? Then try grilling organic” says a Worldwatch Institute article published Friday.

Greens claim at the rate we’re munching through burgers, the world will need to use 42 percent of all land to make enough meat to meet demand. “Give up meat, save the planet,” states an article in The Independent, which claims the demand for meat for delicious hamburgers causes biodiversity loss and water pollution while producing incredible amounts of greenhouse gases from cows.

Environmentalists have a long history of attacking meat for contributing to global warming.

3. Swimming Pools

Greens have concluded swimming pools simply use to much energy and water to be permitted.

The average swimming pool in California “uses enough electricity during the summer season to power the average home for three months” thanks to its pump, according to Green Building Advisor. The same article claims homes with swimming pools use 58 percent more water than homes without pools and concludes that America should “denounce private pools” or restrict their operations to a few hours a day.

4. Driving

The great American road trip is a summer tradition imperiled by the environmental movement.

Even though gasoline is at records lows this summer, greens are already running campaigns discouraging summer road trips. Green politicians have spent years trying to convince Americans to drive less, with extremely limited results.

5. America

What could be more American than America itself? Naturally, greens consistently and inaccurately claim that America contributes more to global warming than any other country.

Speaking at a United Nations climate summit in Paris, Obama blamed America for man-made global warming and claimed that the nation embraces its responsibility to “do something” about the alleged problem.

Academics are increasingly claiming that the only way to solve global warming is to surrender American sovereignty to the United Nations. Naturally, Obama’s Paris Agreement will cost a fortune but do little to reduce global warming.

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