Dwyane Wade To Join LeBron In Cleveland?

Speculation has risen that Dwyane Wade of the Miami Heat could potentially rejoin former teammate LeBron James by signing with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Rumors of the former teammates getting back together arose when James told Bleacher Report he hoped to play with Wade, Carmello Anthony and Chris Paul before they all retire. Although Anthony and Paul are still locked in their contracts with the New York Knicks and the Los Angeles Clippers respectively, Wade is looking for a new deal.

There is one very important factor that could ruin the possibility of the James-Wade reunion — money.

Wade is reportedly hoping to secure a two-year, $50 million deal and the Cavs’ can only offer him about $3.5 million as they stand now. However, they could shuffle around their roster by moving either Kevin Love or Iman Shumpert to free up some cap space. There is also the possibility that James’ takes a pay cut to bring his buddy Wade into the fold — something he has said he would do.

Wade has canceled meetings scheduled with the Milwaukee Bucks, but is still in talks with the Denver Nuggets and the Chicago Bulls. Wade also reportedly spent some time on a plane Monday night with Cavaliers’ owner Dan Gilbert and his buddy LeBron James.