Mila Kunis Weighs In On Donald Trump’s Immigration Plan

Brandon Katz Contributor
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Mila Kunis among those that don’t agree with Donald Trump’s immigration reform plan.

The 32-year-old starlet, who was born in Ukraine, opened up about how her family came to the United States during a recent interview.

“The whole Syrian-refugee thing — we came here on a religious-refugee visa, and I’m not going to blow this country up,” she told Glamour magazine. “I’m clearly paying taxes. I’m not taking anything away.

“It saddens me how much fear we’ve instilled in ourselves.

“And going from there to the whole, ‘Hey, let’s build a wall between Los Angeles and Mexico’…I don’t even have to answer that one. There’s no point. It’s a really great sound bite. And it got him far.”

“Nobody should be mad at him; we did it to ourselves.”

Kunis’s family relocated to Los Angeles when she was seven.

“[My parents] came to America with suitcases and a family of seven and $250, and that’s it,” she said. “But growing up poor, I never missed out on anything. My parents did a beautiful job of not making me feel like I was lesser than any other kids.”