Newt Gingrich Gives Full-Throated VP Pitch Speech At Trump’s Cincinnati Rally [VIDEO]

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Former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich delivered a rousing speech blasting away at Hillary Clinton on Wednesday prior to Donald Trump’s rally in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Gingrich, who is on the short list to be Trump’s running mate, began his speech with the crowd chanting “Newt” repeatedly. Upon speaking, Gingrich said, “I cannot imagine a more vivid proof of corruption than the steps that go from the Bill Clinton accidental airport meeting, to the Saturday of the Fourth of July Weekend interview, to the Tuesday after the Fourth of July weekend conclusion based on the total non-analysis of the interview, to the Attorney General announcing with great surprise that she accepts the FBI director’s total sellout of the American system.” (RELATED: Bob Corker Tells Trump He Doesn’t Want To Be VP)

After the boos subsided, Gingrich said, “Is there a single person here who believes that if you had done what Hillary Clinton had done that you would be prosecuted? Not a chance.”

“So they are once again making the case that there are two Americas. There is the corrupt Washington of the old order and there are all the rest of us. And I say to you enough. Enough of the lies. Enough of the job killing deals. Enough of taking care of the big boys while the rest of us hit foreclosures–just go down the list.” (RELATED: It’s Official: Loretta Lynch Will Not Charge Clinton, Aides In Email Investigation)

“And enough of lying to us about a person who deliberately obstructed justice and in any rule of law would be facing a grand jury not an election,” Gingrich said. (RELATED: FBI Recommends ‘NO CHARGES’ For Hillary Clinton [VIDEO])

“Do any of you believe that it was only an accident that Hillary Clinton was on Air Force One with Barack Obama at the very moment that the FBI director was explaining that despite her obvious total guilt, she should not be taken in,” Gingrich asked. “I would say the fix was in.”


Then pivoting to praising Trump, Gingrich said, “I know of no example in American history of a moment where the leader and the American people came together as fast as they have in the last year with Donald Trump.”

Defending Trump’s lack of advertisement spending compared to Clinton, Gingrich said that Trump is “willing to meet with the news media, he’s willing to go out an give these speeches, he available on Twitter and they don’t get it.”

Later Gingrich got in a jab at Ohio governor John Kasich, suggesting that it was “about time he get on the Trump bandwagon.”

Adding that the “one problem” with Sen. Ted Cruz is that “he ain’t Donald Trump.”

Gingrich went on to argue that the difference between Trump and all the other presidential candidates is that he has a had a “lifetime of creating jobs, a lifetime of building buildings, a lifetime of getting things done. Everybody else talks about how they would like sort of change Washington in a calm and special way,” then pointing to the side of the stage where Trump would soon be emerging from, Gingrich said, “This guy is going to kick over the table.”

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