State Department: It’s Possible To Revoke Hillary And Co’s Security Clearances [VIDEO]

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In light of Hillary Clinton having top secret information on her private server, State Department spokesman John Kirby said on Tuesday that it was possible to revoke the security clearances of Clinton and her aides in the future.

During the State Department’s press briefing, Kirby commented on the possibility of revoking Clinton or her aides security clearances in the future. Kirby said, “The Department will determine the appropriate next steps following a decision by the Department of Justice… I am not hypothesizing or speculating, we’re going to let the Justice Department consider the findings of the FBI investigation and make whatever decisions they’re going to make.” (RELATED: Speaker Ryan: FBI Confirms ‘The Clintons Live Above The Law’ [VIDEO])

“The State Department’s process for reviewing potential cases of mishandling information does not apply exclusively to current employees,” Kirby said. “Our process can result in a variety of outcomes including counseling, issuing warnings, security infractions, security violations, and possibly the revoking of an individuals clearance.” (RELATED: FBI Recommends ‘NO CHARGES’ For Hillary Clinton [VIDEO])

Kirby went on to say, “An individuals employment status obviously will impact the options that are available to the State Department of course, for instance, while a former employee cannot be disciplined, if he or she is no longer employed by the Department, there could be repercussions including issuing a security violation or infraction which would be kept in their file… or of course revoking an individuals security clearance assuming that individual still needed the clearance to work in another federal agency or something like that.” (RELATED: ‘EXTREMELY CARELESS’ — FBI Director Comey Says Clinton Mishandled Classified Info [VIDEO])

Later, Kirby said that the State Department would have an “obligation” to notify other government agencies and “weigh in” about the past violation while at State. (RELATED: FBI Director Comey: ‘Sanctions’ Are Appropriate In Cases Like Clinton’s)


It is State Department policy to “maintain files on personnel who are found to have mishandled information, to guide current and potential future decisions about employment and security clearances,” Kirby indicated.

Earlier on Tuesday, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan voiced his desire to have the Director of National Intelligence block Clinton’s access to classified intelligence briefings after the Democratic National Convention.

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