Biotech Companies Are Still the "It" Stock to Have in Your Portfolio

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Five words or less(NewsUSA) – Sponsored News – If Wall Street has taught investors anything in recent years, it’s how finicky the market can be. While there is never a “sure thing” when it comes to investing, analysts agree that biotech companies are still a solid opportunity.
One company that is emerging head and shoulders above its counterparts is Endonovo Therapeutics (ENDV), a biotechnology company developing bioelectronics-based products and therapies for regenerative medicine.
Analysts say that what makes this particular company so attractive is the fact that it is focusing on both the medical device field and as cell therapies.
Endonovo’s devices are based on the Time-Varying Electromagnetic Field technology originally developed at NASA. The way it works is this: the technology uses electromagnetic pulses to deliver electrical stimulation to the nervous system and cells. These devices are non-invasive and non-implantable, and are used to prevent and treat vital organ failure by reducing inflammation and cell death at the same time while promoting regeneration.
In pre-clinical studies, Endonovo’s technology was found to be an innovative approach to treating acute inflammation, since others in the field typically use implantable electrodes to treat patients. The company is concentrating its efforts on treating inflammation in the liver, which, if validated, could change the landscape of medicine since inflammation is the root of all disease.
In addition, the company has plans to apply for orphan drug designation for its next-generation, off-the-shelf treatment of Graft-Versus-Host (GvHD) disease, using enhanced stem cells from the human umbilical cord.
If Endonovo receives FDA approval to market its product, the company could easily reach a billion-dollar valuation.
For those not familiar with GvHD, it is a rare condition in which immune cells in donor bone marrow or cord blood transplants attack the recipient of the transplant, causing a failure of the graft, and is a significant cause of morbidity and mortality among recipients.
Endonovo’s method is different from other companies that are also looking for a way to treat GvHD in that Endonovo’s strategy does not include genetic modification and the use of small molecule drugs to enhance the therapeutic properties of stem cells. This means, according to Yahoo Finance, that ENDV’s approach may be translated to other types of stem cells, and is easier to scale up and ultimately manufacture.
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