Comey: ‘It’s Possible’ Hillary Didn’t Understand What Classification Markings Are [VIDEO]

Steve Guest Media Reporter
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FBI Director James Comey said on Thursday that it was “possible” that Hillary Clinton did not know enough to understand which emails were marked classified an which were not.

According to Comey, three documents “bore portion markings” which indicated “confidential classified information.” In order to denote the presence of classified information, a “C” in parentheses is next to the paragraph. (RELATED: Congress To Ask FBI To Investigate Hillary For Lying Under Oath [VIDEO])

Rep. Mark Meadows asked Comey, “So a reasonable person who has been a senator, a secretary of state, a first lady, wouldn’t a reasonable person know that that was a classified marking?”

“Yeah, before this investigation, I probably would have said yes. I’m not so sure. I don’t find it incredible,” Comey replied.

“Director Comey, come on,” Meadows replied, “I mean, I’ve only been here a few years and I understand the importance of those markings. So you’re suggesting that a long length of time that she had no idea what a classified marking would be? That’s your sworn testimony today?”

“No, no. Not that she would have no idea what a classified marking would be. But it’s an interesting question as to whether she– this question about sophistication came up earlier, whether she was actually sophisticated enough to understand what a ‘C’ in parens means,” Comey replied.

“So you’re saying this former secretary of state is not sophisticated enough to understand a classified marking,” Meadows asked because “that’s a huge statement.”

Realizing what he had just suggested, Comey replied, “No, that’s not what I’m saying. You asked me did I assume that someone would know. Probably before this investigation, I would have. I’m not so sure of that answer any longer. I think it’s possible, possible that she didn’t understand what a ‘C’ meant when she saw it in the body of an e-mail like that. It’s possible.”

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