FBI Director Fights Off Questions From The House Regarding Announcement Of Clinton Recommendation

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“Did Hillary Clinton break the law?” “Did Hillary Clinton lie under oath?”

These were just a few of the slew of probing questions FBI director James Comey was peppered with Thursday morning at the House Oversight Committee Hearing over his recommendation to not prosecute Hillary Clinton over her handling of her private email server as secretary of state.

“The Republicans have turned on you with a vengeance,” noted Rep. Carolyn Maloney.

Maloney, the Democratic representative from New York’s 12th district, was among many of the congressmen who probed Comey with questions that have been raised over the controversial recommendation, including whether Clinton lied under oath.

The timing of Comey’s announcement on Tuesday, which raised many eyebrows due to Clinton’s campaign event with President Barack Obama on the same day, was also brought up during his questioning by Rep. Maloney.

“Did you plan the timing of your announcement to help Secretary Clinton’s campaign event?”

“No. The timing was entirely my own,” said Comey. “Nobody knew I was going to do it, including the press. I am very proud the way the FBI… nobody leaked that.”

Comey admitted that the operational server that Clinton had in the basement of her home was an “unauthorized location for the transmitting of classified information.”

He added that Clinton did not “lie to the FBI” under oath, and that under his “judgment” there was not evidence that Clinton broke the law.

“A lot of Americans are thinking that there are two standards, one for we the people and one for those who are politically connected,” argued Rep. Jim Jordan.

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan also commented on the hearing during a press conference later that morning, saying, “The recklessness we have seen is not confined to one person… it goes on everyday in this administration.”

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Rebecca Rainey