Marine Officer In Trouble For Handling Classified Info Will Cite Clinton Case In Defense

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Marine Corps officer Maj. Jason Brezler, who is suing the service to fight involuntary separation after he confessed to disseminating classified info, intends to cite Hillary Clinton’s avoidance of criminal charges as part of his defense.

Clinton has totally dodged criminal charges despite using a private, unclassified email server containing eight email chains of top secret information.

Michael J. Bowe, Brezler’s attorney, intends to bring the Clinton decision to bear in arguing that involuntary separation is an unduly harsh punishment.

Brezler attracted the ire of the Marine Corps after he used a Yahoo email account to send a classified report in 2012 to Marines in Afghanistan, which outlined the danger of Sarwan Jan, a corrupt Afghan police chief, who was strongly suspected of raping children, The Washington Post reports.

After a fellow Marine told him that he breached protocol, Brezler informed the service what he had done and received a reprimand. Two weeks later, a 17-year-old boy, a suspect sex slave of Jan’s, murdered three Marines with an AK-47 at a military base in Helmand Province. A board of inquiry recommended in December 2013 for Brezler to be removed from the service, as an investigation indicated he also had other classified information on him that he wasn’t supposed to be in possession of, which Brezler said he accidentally brought back home. Brezler sued the Marine Corps in December 2014.

Since then, Brezler has become somewhat of a hero among veterans and members of Congress, many of whom think he’s being unfairly treated.

FBI Director James Comey said Tuesday he would not recommend criminal charges against Clinton to the Department of Justice, despite describing her activities of using an unclassified server as “extremely careless.”

According to Comey, 110 of her emails had classified information.

Bowe said it’s inconceivable that President Barack Obama can say that Clinton’s activities don’t hamper “her excellent ability to carry out her duties,” while at the same time Brezler, for information far less sensitive, is being railroaded.

A federal judge is expected to rule on the case at the end of October.

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