Texas Man Charged For Barbecuing Dog

Joshua Delk Contributor
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Corpus Christi police arrested and charged that a Texas man for allegedly killing his dog and barbecuing the animal in his barbecue pit, KRIS TV NBC 6 reports.

The report claims that the morbid event took place last week, when neighbors called the authorities after noticing smoke and odd smells from the backyard of the property, according to Breitbart.

Upon arriving to put out the fire in the barbecue pit, firefighters discovered that the source of the flames and unpleasant smell was the carcass of a small dog. Police then began their investigation of the property, but were unable to enter the house to speak with the owner.

Relatives of the resident assisted the police, who were eventually able to speak with the 20-year-old, Rosendo Gonzalez, according to KRIS TV.

Corpus Christi Police spokesman Kirk Stowers spoke with Gonzalez, who claimed that the dog had bitten him when he went to pet it. In response, he inflicted lethal injuries to the animal, and then attempted to dispose of the carcass by burning it in the pit.

Police have charged Gonzalez with a count of injury to a non-livestock animal, a third degree felony that can warrant a prison sentence of two to 10 years.

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