UPDATE: Dead Shooter Identified, 3 Suspects In Custody After Killing 5 Officers, Wound 7 Others At Dallas Anti-Police Protest


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Update: The number of dead officers has now risen to five. 

Authorities have reportedly identified one deceased suspect as Micah X Johnson and three other suspects are in custody after allegedly shooting 12 officers — killing five of them — Thursday night at an anti-police protest in Dallas. At least two shooters wearing body armor opened fire on police with high-powered rifles in a sniper-style attack.

According to authorities, the suspects threatened to plant a bomb in downtown Dallas. A bomb squad reportedly secured at least one suspicious device located near one of the suspects. Johnson and one other shooter reportedly took up elevated positions across the street from each other in order to maximize the number of casualties. Some officers were shot in the back.

Video of the attack shows the anti-police protesters screaming and running away from the scene, while police officers ran towards the gunfire.

According to NBC News, Thursday night’s attack was the deadliest attack on law enforcement since September 11, 2001.

Protesters gathered in Dallas after recent police-involved shootings of black men in Minnesota and Louisiana. KDFW reported that some protesters were chanting “Fuck the police” and “Black Lives Matter” prior to the shooting. It’s unclear if the shooters participated in the protests.

One suspect, Dallas police chief James Brown reported, was a woman. Police reportedly apprehended two other suspects on a Dallas highway after a car chase. Johnson died when police used a robot to detonate a bomb after a prolonged shootout between Johnson and authorities.

Video of the attack posted on Twitter shows Johnson trading fire with police officers.

Another video shows a crowd of protesters chanting “hands up, don’t shoot” before panicking once the shooters opened fire.

Witnesses reported that the shooters appeared to have been camped out waiting for the police officers. Witnesses also reported hearing around 30-40 shots ring out over a short period of time during the initial burst of gunfire.

Police exchanged fire with the shooters after the initial shots were fired and again soon after.

The shootings took place at an anti-police protest in downtown Dallas after two black men were killed by police this week. One shooting, which took place in Louisiana, was captured on video and is under investigation by the Department of Justice. The aftermath of the second shooting, which took place in Minnesota, was broadcasted on Facebook Live by the deceased’s girlfriend.

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