Lagniappe: Power Of Perspective

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Campbell North Contributor
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“Neural networks for artists”

1.  Dallas shooting suspect ‘upset at white people’

2.  In the wake of the Dallas shooting, a conservative voice acknowledges privilege and offers humbled perspective

3.  Clinton’s comments compared to Comey’s findings in new RNC ad

4.  A controversial history of Clinton’s credibility

5.  Trump’s missed opportunity

6.  “How Newt Gingrich became Donald Trump’s inside man”

7.  Tensions arise at peacemaking summit between Trump and GOP senators

8.  A conversation with Trump’s top adviser on Trump’s foreign policy

9.  Former Fox host sues CEO Roger Aires over sexual harassment allegations

10. “Why are some scandals are more scandalous than others?”

11. How to find meaning in your job

12. “After 50 years, the Freedom of Information Act needs updating”

13. The Atlantic’s Molly Ball discussed the power of perspective on Matt Lewis and The News