3-Year-Old Girl Reunites With Police Officer Father In Viral Photo

REUTERS/Tami Chappell

Page Marshall Contributor
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As a result of increased tension between police officers and citizens throughout the United States, law enforcement have been working overtime in order to protect their communities.

This includes Atlanta Police Department motorman Jesse Medlock.

Amanda Medlock shared a sentimental photo of her husband and his three-year-old daughter, Ryann. It shows Medlock in uniform on his motorcycle, exchanging a kiss with his daughter on his lap.

According to Fox 5, Amanda Medlock explained, “He got called into work Thursday while out with her. He called me Saturday after working through the night with all the protesters. He was exhausted but just wanted to be able to see her for a little bit before having to go back into work.”

She also said that Medlock has been consistently working, even on his off days.

“Ryann was extremely excited to finally get to see her daddy since she hasn’t been able to for the past few days,” Medlock said. “She is definitely a daddy’s girl.”

This photo sparks a lot of emotion following the attack that took place on police officers last week in Dallas.