Did You Know You Can Hire Anyone To Do Anything With This Amazon Service?

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Most people know that you can buy pretty much anything on Amazon. From books to clothing to electronics to glow-in-the-dark toilet bowls, the e-retailing giant can meet almost all of your needs. But what many don’t know is that that Amazon does not only fulfill your product desires; it also provides services designed to make your life easier.

Amazon Home Services launched last year, and it is still relatively unknown. At some point, Amazon realized that people find researching contractors to set up a TV or build a deck to be an onerous process. So, the powers-that-be at Amazon decided to put in that effort themselves, and then let people order the services through them.

There are hundreds and hundreds of services offered, with general categories such as house cleaning, furniture assembly, home theater, home improvement, outdoor assembly, landscaping and outdoor electrical.

The company takes on the burden of researching the professionals, and it has a very high standard – only accepting three out of every 100. Furthermore, the pros don’t get paid until the service is completed, ensuring that they do a bang-up job at whatever you need done.

And seriously, if there is anything at all you need done, Amazon Home Services has it covered. If you don’t believe me, check out the commercial at the bottom of this article or spend some time scrolling through the options. (You’ll see that it even includes hiring a goat to graze your lawn).

Now is the time to look into this, because today and tomorrow (Prime Day), Amazon Prime members get $40 cash back on Amazon Home Services. That means, for example, you can get someone to install a fire pit for what amounts to just $35. That’s what I call a deal.

WATCH This Lady Explain How Amazon Home Services Works:

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