Gotta Rob ‘Em All? Armed Robbers Targeting Pokemon GO Players


Anders Hagstrom Justice Reporter
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Did someone put a beacon on that nearby pokestop out of the kindness of his heart? Police in O’Fallon, Missouri say it could be someone trying to mug you.

In a Sunday Facebook post, police warned that users of the new Pokemon GO app (which is now more popular than Tinder) are being targeted for armed robberies by certain sinister users. Pokemon GO is a geocaching app in which players walk around their towns and cities to catch Pokemon on their phones.

Police said they were able to locate four suspects in a black BMW after responding to a call at 2 a.m. on Sunday. The occupants are suspected of multiple armed robberies around the area.

“It is believed these suspects targeted their victims through the Pokemon Go smart phone application,” police said.

O’Fallon Police say the suspects were likely using the “add beacon” feature in the app to lure aspiring Pokemon trainers to parking lots and other areas, but where they might’ve expected to find a Pikachu, they instead found some people with guns and were then robbed at gunpoint.

(Team Rocket, is that you?)

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