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Good news guys, HuffPost is starting to warm up to us! Daily Caller colleague Matt Lewis received widespread praise for his op-ed confessing that he was ignorant of the way black Americans have to be careful around police until the rise of smartphones and citizen journalists made him more self-conscious. HuffPo featured Lewis’ piece along with contributions from RedState and comments from Newt Gingrich. While I could do without the condescending headline they chose, it’s nice of them to throw us a bone.


In sad news, Sydney Schanberg has passed away. His reporting of his colleague’s experiences inside Cambodia during the reign of the Khmer Rougue won a Pulitzer and inspired the film The Killing Fields. Rest easy, Sydney.

Also sobering is the news that the family of Marie Colvin, a journalist who was killed in Syria in 2012, has filed a lawsuit against the Syrian government claiming wrongful death. Important paragraph: “Ms. Colvin’s family and colleagues have long argued that the attack — hours after she had issued a live report accusing the Syrian government of bombarding “cold, starving civilians” — was deliberate. The government has always contended that its attacks have targeted terrorists, and that journalists operating outside government-controlled territory, as Ms. Colvin was, break Syrian law at their own risk.” Read it to understand the remarkable reporter Colvin was and how important her work was to expose the truth of what’s happening in Syria.

In RNC news, Twitter has teamed up with CBS to deliver live streams from inside the convention to Twitter’s desktop and mobile platforms. One Gawker reporter discovered that the RNC app listed George Washington as the only scheduled speaker as late as Friday. Personally I look forward to the cryogenically-assisted reanimation of our Founding Father appearing in Cleveland.

Finally, liberals are up in arms (not firearms, though, because those are bad) about Maureen Dowd referring to President Obama as one of his high school nicknames, Barry. People on Twitter are using that time-tested classic tactic of hashtag activism, stating #PresidentObamaNotBarry in order to shame Dowd for using a casual nickname to refer to the Commander-In-Chief. The only thing more inflated than this argument is a hot air balloon.